What’s Your Message

laser-showIn the classic battle of sound engineers and lighting directors, one of my favorite sayings is “No one ever went home humming green.”

Couple of things to take away from that simple joke:

1.  What are people walking away from your show “humming”?

2.  Are you communicating to your audience clearly enough that there is no doubt what your message is?

The only thing that matters about your show is the message.  Everything must work in congruence together in order to proclaim that message pound and clear.  There is no room for fluff or niceties, every decision you make should be focused on the solitary goal of making sure that your message is delivered with absolutely no question.  If you are making decisions for your event differently that that, your are not utilizing the resources that are available to you.  Let us help you hone your message and make sure that all components of your event are in perfect harmony, so that your audience goes humming.

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