Gear is Gear

SRV-Guitar-WP-1Have you ever been to a music store?  Rows upon rows of guitars hanging on the wall.  Picture one in your mind,  like the Fender Strat above.  There is nothing exemplary about most guitars in that music store, turned out by machines to exacting specifications.  The guitar just hangs there, making no music, playing no licks, singing no songs.  A guitar is simply an instrument.  Out of the hands of a musician, it has no real value.  Sure, some are beautiful works of art, created by a master, but until played, cannot realize their true value.  What could you or I do with the guitar above?  Maybe play it-maybe even well, but could we create the inspiration that came when it was in the hands of it’s owner?

Realize that gear is gear.  I can travel the country over and find the same speakers, lights, projectors and screens.  I can walk in to countless ballrooms and see CEOs and technicians talking into the same mics.  But when that gear is in the hands of a artist, what does your show transform into?  What could we communicate if we were more concerned with who was running the gear, than what the gear was?  Next time you are booking a show, consider that who is running the gear is infinitely more important than what it is.

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